Young Fives

Young Fives provides students with a strong foundation for school success offering:

  • Guided growth provided by professional educators experiences in early childhood development
  • Early exposure to kindergarten curriculum
  • full day programing
  • Familiarity with school routine to help build confidence
  • A learning environment tailored to meet developing academic and/or social needs
  • An opportunity to start school with same age children

The Young Fives program serves as a bridge to kindergarten by providing students time to develop core academic and social skills under the care and guidance of professional educators. Young Fives is the first of a two-year kindergarten program.

Parents can be assured that Huron's highly qualified kindergarten staff recognized each student as an individual with unique academic and social strengths.

Students thrive in a nurturing environment that prepares them for school success in kindergarten and beyond.

Young Fives Placement - Students are scheduled for screenings in the spring after enrollment has been completed. Recommendations from the building's staff for placement in Young Fives will be made after screenings.